My Experience at PurpleFish

When you start work at a new place, whether it's an unpaid internship or a part-time job, there's always that element of uneasiness, like a mixture between being excited at the prospect of starting something new and having jitters at the thought of making a bad impression. I've been intrigued by PurpleFish ever since I … Continue reading My Experience at PurpleFish


First Smartphone Built to Last

Have you ever dropped your phone and ended up paying more to repair it than you did for the phone in the first place? I recently cracked my iPhone screen- seeing as they're about as frail as a glass slipper- and had to get it replaced. The place I went to fix my screen took … Continue reading First Smartphone Built to Last

Beverage brands and politics… what could go wrong?

Recently, it seems that beverage brands have used a common theme of launching political adverts that have caused controversy amongst their audiences. With all the divisiveness, hate, fear, terrorism, and riots filling the news every day, the world is in turmoil more than ever before. People are more involved in the current affairs, so it makes sense why brands … Continue reading Beverage brands and politics… what could go wrong?